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Welcome to our top free web proxy site list where are some of leading free proxy, privacy and security site listed below. You will find almost everything here...from top proxy site that listed fresh and free list of anonymous proxy servers for surfing, via the site that use combination of PHP and CGI proxy web servers and allow you anonymous surfing behind their web servers and help you to stay anonymous till privacy and ip protocols related sites.

All the web proxy sites are carefully tested before they are approved to joined our top list. If you find any of the web proxy sites that does not fit into our categories feel free to mail us using contact form and the site will be check again.

Recommended Proxy and IP tracking tools!!

IP Lookup

IP Address - Track IP Location with fast, free and accurate IP lookup tools from

1 Neutral - updated fresh proxy list

Reviews | Rate Site | Stats - updated fresh proxy list
Category: Proxy List
Alive and fresh permanently updated http and https proxies, anonymous proxy list, proxy checker, IP address to country, whois service
Month Overall
In 882 43566
Out 12 4906
Average 691.3
Rating 3/5

2 Down Free Proxy - Anonymous Proxy - Hide Ip Address

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Free Proxy - Anonymous Proxy - Hide Ip Address
Category: Proxy List
Famous proxy site since 2001 that offer free proxy list of public servers to hide your ip address from prying eyes and increase privacy along with assorted ip address tests, proxy servers tutorial, software, tools and friendly forum with daily proxy list.
Month Overall
In 551 174998
Out 12 60807
Average 538.8
Rating 4/5

3 Neutral Xroxy Proxies

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Xroxy Proxies
Category: Proxy List
More than just proxy! Proxy lists of different kinds. Xorum proxy message board. Free CGI web proxy service with SSL support.
Month Overall
In 338 58590
Out 9 16884
Average 393.5
Rating 3/5

4 Neutral Sockslist - free fresh socks proxy list

Reviews | Rate Site | Stats
Sockslist - free fresh socks proxy list
Category: Proxy List
Always free fresh socks proxy list and online useful proxy tools. Public socks proxy list with 20 minutes updates. Proxy tools (socks 4/5 proxy ip address 2 country, whois, show HTTP headers)
Month Overall
In 309 22226
Out 3 2830
Average 252
Rating 3/5

5 Neutral ProxyWiki - Proxy Advertising Platform

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ProxyWiki - Proxy Advertising Platform
Category: Proxy List
New proxy web sites are published here for free. No registration required.
Month Overall
In 25 1791
Out 3 1047
Average 22.9
Rating 0/5

Rank Title - Description This Month Average Stats
6 Neutral Aplusproxy - Free Proxy and Proxy Tools - Aplusproxy has daily updated proxy list of http and web-based proxy. Aplusproxy also has rich info on proxy tools, VPN and tunnels which will help you access blocked websites anonymously.

Category: Proxy List
5 6.3 Stats
Script Execution Time: 0.01276 | SQL Queries: 6 | Members: 6
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